Besides internship mediation, Integrand organises career events. This way students with various academic backgrounds and companies can get to know each other.

Integrand Inhouse Days 

The aim of the Integrand Inhouse Days is to introduce students to the atmosphere and culture of your company. Additionally, it is the ideal way to get in touch with students from a specific target group. The Inhouse Days take place in spring as well as in autumn.

Inhouse Day for Board Members

You can get in touch with our 130 board members by organizing a day or part of a day for them. You are free to determine the contents of the day and make a selection from our various board members.

"Techniek op Hakken"

"Techniek op Hakken" is an event especially organised for female engineering students. On this day, sixty female students come into contact with approximately 15 companies by means of company presentations, cases, speed dates, lunch and drinks.

Other Events

Integrand organises several annual events for students from all study backgrounds. During these events, you will get the chance to get in touch with a specific group of students. Examples include Consultancy for Charity, Case Fondue and an event for food technology students from Wageningen.

Digital Events

Digital events have really taken off at Integrand since the corona crisis. For example, we can facilitate customised E-housedays and Digital Coffee Breaks. Students are very enthusiastic about these events; the last E-houseday cycle was rated by them with an average of 8.1! The price of these events is available on request.

Would you like to know more about one of our (digital) events? Contact us via or ask for the event brochure!