Why Integrand?

We make sure you find an internship that fits your profile and wishes. During the process we will provide you with tips to make sure you get hired for a top internship! Furthermore we organize interactive career events with interesting employers. These are moments where you can come into personal contact with recruiters. For students who are already in the final phase of their master's, we have an up-to-date overview of various challenging traineeships. Do you have an average score of 7.0 or higher, have you undertaken any relevant extracurricular activities and are you a Dutch-speaking law student? Then we can offer you a spot in our talent pool.

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What we do

Founded in 1980, Integrand is a national, independent non-profit organisation run by academic students. Integrand's mission is to connect and stimulate ambition. Our national coverage makes us the largest academic internship mediator in the Netherlands!


Online registration

First you sign up via our website www.integrand.nl/en and set up an account. Try to fill in your profile as completely as possible! When you have created an account, our board members will contact you. 

Personal intake

Our board members will contact you to schedule a personal intake. This interview is meant to describe your ideal internship and/or work placement. After the intake interview, your personal profile is complete and we can start searching for your perfect internship.


This is the start of the search for your ideal internship and/or work placement. Here, we look for vacancies that match your profile and interests.

Introducing the student

When we have found the perfect vacancy for you, we will first present it to you. In the end, it is all about whether YOU like it! You can choose whether you want to write a motivation letter or not. 

Present the position to the company

If you think it is an interesting vacancy, we will present your interest to the company. At that moment we will have contact with the company about your profile. The company can then decide whether they want to schedule a job interview with you or not.

Scheduling a job interview

If the company considers you a suitable candidate, this will be communicated to Integrand. Integrand will then contact you about when you can come to the job interview. The interview is then scheduled.


When you and the company both agree on the content of the vacancy and the terms of employment, you are hired. You then have your perfect internship or student job and the company has a suitable new employee!

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