What is an assessment? 

An assessment consists of cognitive ability tests that determine your suitability for a particular role. This has to do with the norm group with which your result is compared. Assessments have a number of specific characteristics. These characteristics are explained further on this page. On the website of our partner Hellotest you can find more information about assessments.

When should I take an assessment? 

Almost everyone who applies for a job has to take an ability test or e-assessment. For almost all internships, business courses, starterships and traineeships the assessment is part of the selection procedure. Approximately 50% of unprepared candidates are rejected. 

Are all assessments the same?

There is a big difference between the assessments that are being used. For example, each assessment has a unique composition between the types of questions that are asked. In addition, the best approach differs for each assessment. Some assessments reward working quickly, resulting in a few more mistakes. Other assessments reward accurate work with fewer errors. 

What parts can an assessment consist of? 

An assessment always consists of several parts. The best known components are number series, figure series and analogies. Recently, assessments have been developed more and more and there are also so-called assessment games. Assessments also often consist of personality tests. A personality test cannot be practiced.

How do I know which assessment I will get? 

Through Hellotest’s company overview you can see exactly which companies use which assessments. That way you can start preparing in time. This can lead to a much better score on your test, because often there are only a few days between the invitation to an assessment and the deadline. 

Can I prepare for an assessment?

When you prepare well for an assessment, you avoid being surprised while taking the test. This means that you know what to expect and what type of questions you will get. You can also learn to understand the underlying principles through practice. That way you know what you need to do to make the questions as good as possible. Finally, the right approach and strategy is also different for each assessment. By practicing, you become familiar with the correct approach per test. 

What is the best way to practice assessments? 

  1. Practicing an assessment starts with finding out which assessment you have to take. This can be done through Hellotest’s company overview or the invitation from the company itself 

  2. After that, it is important to prepare specifically with the right exercise material 

  3. Integrand has entered into a unique partnership with Hellotest, allowing you to practice at an attractive discount 

  4. You can get started via www.hellotest.nl/integrand 

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