Yes! You have been invited for the job/internship you applied for and now you can come for an interview. Congratulations! It is important that you leave a good impression, but how? We will give you some job interview tips! 


It is important that you prepare well for your job interview. But every interview is different, right? True, but often recruiters want to know the same thing: do you fit this job? Therefore, you can prepare yourself on a number of points: 

  • Learn about the company: search the website for information about the company, look at their goals, vision, values, image, etc. then think about how you identify with this information and the company. Bringing this up in the conversation shows an interest in the company and what it stands for. Make sure you know the names (if known) of the people you are talking to. 

  • Look up and prepare standard job application questions: every job application is different but at the end of the day there are some questions that are asked by default such as: 

    • What are your strengths & weaknesses? 

    • Why do you fit within this position?

    • Describe a problem you have encountered in your life and how you solved it 

    • What do you think you will be doing in X years? 

    • What challenges do you expect? 

    • What is your role within a team? 

    • What are your hobbies and why?

    • What are our brands/products? 

    • What do you know about our company? 

    • What achievement are you most proud of so far? 

    • Why should we hire you? 

  • Check at least one day in advance where you have to be and what time: arriving too late does not leave a good impression, so check the travel time and plan to be there half an hour in advance. You never know if you can find it right away and/or if something comes up on the way! 

  • Find a suitable outfit: find out what style suits your employer by looking at linkedin or the website for example. Furthermore, it is generally recommended to dress more neatly than the employees: so a blouse with or without a blazer/jacket with neat black pants and neath shoes, no headgear (unless for religious reasons). Make sure your clothes are clean, neat, ironed and undamaged. And to complete you well-groomed look: make sure you smell good! Furthermore, it is important to wear something that suits you and in which you feel comfortable. Want to know more about the right outfit? Then check out our other articles here: (link naar artikelen)  

During the job interview

And then the interview finally begins, you have prepared yourself well for the questions and you are looking forward to it! During the interview, pay attention to a few things to make sure you come across even better: 

  • Be polite to everyone. Also to the receptionist and any other people you meet 

  • Introduce yourself nicely, with a good firm handshake and call your conversation partner(s) by their name

  • Address your partner(s) as ‘you’ unless he/she indicates otherwise

  • Make eye contact 

  • Pay attention to your body language. Make sure you are sitting up straight! 

  • Speak calmly and clearly 

  • Smile. This makes you appear more confident and sympathetic 

  • Do not interrupt the other person

  • Show interest and ask questions. For example, why he/she likes working in the company 

  • Be positive. Don’t criticize things or people; this can give the idea that you will do the same in your new job 

  • End the interview neatly. Shake hands and thank the interlocutors for their time

Want to know more about applying for a job? Then check out our other articles containing tips for your LinkedIn page, Resume, Cover Letter and Assessment

Have any more questions? Feel free to ask!

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