Company information

Zertic is a Dutch company providing software for the certification industry on a global scale.

Ask yourself;

      Do you trust the food you eat?

      Do you trust the products you use?

Building trust in products and services requires certification. A certificate tells you if a product is safe, sustainable, or genuine.

Certificates can be seen as the license to operate for many companies and persons.

Those certificates are issued by auditors that are working at or for a certification body.

Zertic empowers all parties involved in the process towards certification with world-class “certification software”. Zertic makes sure companies and persons can use these certificates to provide trust in the products and services they trade and use.

Therefore, our market slogan “Let’s empower trust”

Why is this important, why should you care?

Do you want to work for a better world where we demand environmentally sustainable goods and services using fair labor, fair trade, organic food, safe environments, and products? By joining Zertic you can make an impact! Zertic is used by a vastly growing amount of companies and together with you, we make an even bigger impact.

Join us in empowering trust!