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Inhouseday ING 2022 OUD

Are you always a step ahead in life and business?

Inhouse day ING: 4th of May 2022

The banking industry is rapidly changing and more actively regulated than ever before. In addition, traditional banking activities are under pressure due to increasing capital constraints. Banks are therefore looking into new business models. ING is aiming to be an early adaptor to where the industry is moving to, we try to always step ahead! For example, we were the first global bank that introduced the Agile Way of Working and are now a role model for many other multinationals.

At ING we are always looking for talents who take it on and make it happen! For this Inhouse Day we are keen to meet students who are studying; Business administration, Business economics, Business IT, Engineering, Accountancy, and/or Accounting & Control. We seek people who keep their promises and take ownership of tasks, projects, and their team. Who have the ability to listen, ask questions and speak up. Who strive to bring ideas to life and embrace challenges. People who are flexible and consistently go the extra mile!

Are you an enthusiastic student, in the master phase of your education? Do you recognize yourself in the above, and are you excited to learn more about ING? Then sign up for this Integrand Inhouse Day! 

During the Inhouse Day we will welcome you at our headquarters in Amsterdam. Here you will be introduced to the Banking industry, and you will specifically learn more about two departments: COO Risk & Finance and Wholesale Bank Change. In addition, our colleagues will share their experiences of working within those departments. The day will start at 9.30 in the morning and will end around 5 in the afternoon with drinks where you can network and ask all your questions to our colleagues! 

For your questions you can contact: