Wat biedt het bedrijf je?

Talent program

At NIBC we hire young talents for a specific position within a team that fits your talents, personality and ambition. As part of a relatively small and dynamic firm, you will have an immediate impact. Over time, as a trusted partner, you will be there to help your clients during their most decisive moments. Next to the specific knowledge you will learn within your team, we want to develop your general knowledge about NIBC and your professional skills.

What does the Talent Program look like?

The Talent Program kicks off with an onboarding week, during which you will receive a gamified introduction to NIBC and banking. Together with a diverse and

international group of fellow analysts and colleagues you will get five days of networking, bonding and immersion in the bank’s business model.

Onboarding week

After the onboarding week, you will determine your personal development plan together with your coach and manager. The plan will be tailored to you with a focus on personal, professional, and technical growth. You will be allocated a personal budget to help you achieve your ambitions and reduce your time to perform.

Group training & one-on-one coaching

In a sequence of four 2-day modules, you will receive one-on-one coaching as well as group training to kickstart your development plan. Learning by doing is key in this process – you will be challenged with many hands-on exercises and cases to hone your skills.

Think Yes Challenge

In parallel, you will start with your Think Yes Challenge. Together with a group of interdisciplinary analysts, you will initiate a project that contributes to bank-wide issues of strategic importance. It is an opportunity to develop your Think Yes mentality, make an impact, and gain exposure to top management. During the closing event you will pitch the results directly to NIBC’s managing board.

During the program you will also travel to Frankfurt to visit NIBC’s German office, network with your German colleagues, and enjoy one of Europe’s financial capitals.

How do I apply to the Talent Program?

Interested? You can not apply to the Talent Program itself. You need to be hired for a vacancy that will give you access to this development program that takes place next to your job. Check our vacancies. The vacancies that mention “Talent Program” in their title could give you access to this program!


Internships at NIBC are a great opportunity to learn more about us and develop yourself. They last for a minimum of three months. Many interns are later hired as analysts, and may join our Talent Program. Selection standards are high for internships because of the responsibilities they involve. We believe that having these responsibilities enables interns to grow faster. In some cases, it is possible to do a graduation internship, this will be mentioned within the vacancy description.


Give us a call if you would like to know more about the Talent Program or if you are looking for an internship at +31 70 342 9669 or contact us by e-mail Like to read more about a career at NIBC? Please visit our website