The Structure of Integrand

Integrand Foundation is an organization, which is completely run by university students. The foundation consists of twelve local divisions in each university town in the Netherlands. The foundation is managed by Integrand Netherlands, located in Utrecht. To ensure that the continuity of Integrand is safeguarded, Integrand Netherlands is advised by a supervisory board consisting of Integrand alumni.

Integrand Netherlands

Rik Hoogerduijn Strating

operationS manager

Christian Slabbekoorn

finance manager / HR MANAGEr

Viola Visser

bRand manager

Roelof van Dalen

Events manager

Jolijn Uittenbogaard


Sarah Looise

sales manager

Supervisory Board

P.F. Haarmans MSc

Drs. M.H.G. van der Post MSc

Y.P.A. Vergouwen MSc

 E. Hoekstra MSc

H. Hoekstra MSc

M. Pijl MSc

M. Neppelenbroek MSc