Why you should experience the life of an M&A consultant at Deloitte

14 januari 2019 door Charlotte Teven

What does Deloitte Financial Advisory do?
Within Deloitte Financial Advisory we advise corporates, private companies and private equity investors about mergers & acquisitions. Various teams advise our clients throughout the M&A deal lifecycle. With this event you can experience the life of an M&A consultant during a real life case.

Why is the event specifically for female bachelor students?
If I look at my own experience, I did not immediately recognize Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) as a potential field of work. When I encountered it, coincidentally, I really liked it and I still very much enjoy my work every day. At Deloitte we really care about diversity, but we still see more men coming in than women. I hope that with this event, we can show young ladies how great the M&A field is and what it means to be an M&A consultant.

What makes Deloitte such a great working environment? 
The teams within Financial Advisory are quite young and we plan a lot of fun activities together such as a ski-trip, Christmas dinner, sports tournaments and other social events. The team is very driven in reaching the highest results for our clients, and from the start I got a lot of responsibility enabling me to learn a lot, the social atmosphere in the team makes my job not only very interesting but also a lot of fun.

Why should you register?
This event is a great opportunity to experience Deloitte Financial Advisory. We’re looking for female economics and business administration students in their 2nd or 3rd year. The event is open to anyone who wants to learn more about M&A whether you’re 100% convinced this is your dream job or still considering various options.

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