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Design, Engineering, ICT, Research & development


Information & Communication Technology (ICT)


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Ingy is a fast growing and well-funded start-up developing smart lighting and building systems. We were founded 2 years ago with a mission to deliver smart building technology at a far lower cost-price by integrating all required technology in the lighting. Furthermore is Ingy globally recognized as one of the leaders the field. They use the lighting infrastructure to make buildings smart, offering solutions like: indoor navigation, asset tracking, occupancy analytics and climate monitoring.

They have a globally spread team of world-class developers for instance in London, Madrid and Melbourne, most with first degrees (Msc or Phd) from world class universities in computer science, embedded software or wireless technology.

Functie omschrijving

Ingy offers two types of internships:

- "meewerk' internship, where the intern experiences what it entails to operate as part of our development team and experience the full agile development environment. In this case you will operate as junior member of the development team (with additional supervision). We can focus the development work according to the interns interests (Embedded, wireless communication, Cloud, UI, Mobile)

- Thesis internship, where the intern is given a separate assignment which would qualify for a master thesis subject on which the intern works independently (supervised by one or more of our development experts). We shape these subjects based on our needs and the interns interests, but possible thesis subjects we have in mind could include:

- Given the locations of sensors in a building on a map and an operational network with sensor installed in the building, can we (partially) automatically map the sensors in the realworld to their representation on the map? For example by fixing a few sensors manually and the use constrain optimisation and RSSI information to make the best possible mapping

- Can we build a synchornised absolute clock/calender shared across a decentralised network of 10.000+ nodes with no internet access?

- Could we use augmented reality and computer vision to identify the luminaire we want to control using the app based on a coding integrated in the lighting

and dozens of other open research questions., we are curious to hear you ideas!

This one is especially focused on:

“meewerk stage” Computer science: Creating full integration between an embedded wireless sensor system and a full building portal using existing API, including creation of a seamless commission process across both systems

Functie eisen

Preferred requirements are:

  • Computer science/software development (you can be on the entire range from embedded and very close to the hardware all the way to latest in cloud development)
  • Electrical engineering (but preferably with some knowledge of at least C/C++ programming)
  • Wireless and large-scale mesh networking
  • Machine learning/Artificial intelligence/statistics (but combined with the coding skills to implement your models into a real-world implementation, e.g. beyond Matlab)
  • UI / UX design
  • System administration and technical support with a focus on Linux and AWS

These are however not hard criteria, it mostly depends on the type of internship he/she wants to execute as Ingy has multiple internships to offer.


- You will learn to operate in a fully remote, agile development environment with world class engineers

- At the start daily supervision from one of our experienced developers (reducing to standard supervision for a fulltime graduate employee at the end of the internship)

- We provide a laptop and all material needed for you to operate

- Experience life in a well-funded disruptive start-up